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Why would a Russian or Ukrainian woman want me? In their efforts to bring the good life home, Russian women can be considered the unsung heroines of Soviet society. For many years they were the backbone of their economy, making up slightly more than half the work force. About 85 per cent of all Russian women between the ages of 16 and 54 - hold regular jobs, the highest percentage in any industrialized nation. According to 1984 statistics, there were more female engineers in the Soviet Union than in all the rest of the world. One third of the Russia's lower-court judges and 70 per cent of its doctors are women. Although most Russian women have regular jobs, most of the burden of housework in many Russian and Ukrainian  families falls on women.

Housework, Lenin once remarked, is "barbarously unproductive, petty, nerve-racking, stultifying and crushing". This condemnation does not prevent modern Soviet males from leaving the job to women. The men neither cook, nor wash dishes, nor change nappies, nor mop the floor. When they arrive from work, they simply settle down with the newspaper or in front of the television, and wait for their wives to cook dinner.

Why are Russian and Ukrainian women so desirable? Russian and Ukrainian women are down to earth, highly educated, family oriented and not ruined by unreasonable expectations associated with American women. Age difference is not an issue with them. Eastern European women are very mature for their years and view older men as more reliable, stable and secure. They are looking for what all people are looking for: good living conditions and a person to love them.

Are they looking for a rich husband or a "Sugar Daddy"? No, they want the same basic things that you do. The trouble is that living conditions in Eastern Europe have created a situation where most Ukrainian women can not dream of the pleasures we experience in America  with even modest income.  

Will She run off after she comes to America? No! You are the sponsor of her visa and she must marry you and only you or return to her country before the end of 90 days. If she runs off or marries someone else she will be in violation of the visa and will permanently lose status and be deported. The ladies all understand this and are not going to accept a visa invitation if they don't think the sponsor is a viable candidate for marriage.

Are these women serious? Absolutely, they are looking for the same thing you are and everyone wants. They want someone to spend their life with. They want love and affection, like every other person on earth.

Aren't there any decent men in Ukraine? There are decent marriage oriented men in Ukraine but there are many that are not. What is a man? A man is the breadwinner ,he earns the bacon and brings it home so the wife can fry it up in the pan. The man is the provider. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for a Ukrainian man to provide for his family. There are few well paying jobs in the Ukraine. How can the men her take pride in themselves if they can not provide for their family. The result? Ukrainian men bend to peer pressure and drink and drink.

Could this possibly be true? Yes, it absolutely is. I sit in the office every day. Every day many wonderful women come to our office and join our agency. Every day new men use our service. They have taken the steps to change their lives. Now it is your turn to take the action that will change your life.

What about the age difference? Everyone knows that a beautiful 18 model is not going to love a overweight, 70 year old man with little hair for his great personality. You need to be realistic. Now, that being said, things are very different in the Ukraine than they are in the west. You will frequently see couples that are 20 years apart in age. It is natural here. Everyone is an individuals and individuals interact and react differently. There are no set rules or demarcation. You need to meet and see if there is attraction and chemistry.

Do the women speak English? Many of the ladies speak English. Most speak at least some words. Many men chose to be introduced only to women that speak English. I think that is a great mistake. Most women have not be able to afford private English courses and therefore do not speak passable English. Do not limit yourself. If you like the lady, and there is chemistry why eliminate a good match for you? If you are serious about her and would like to marry her, she can speak English before her visa is approved.!

Am I safe in Kiev? Man Kiev is a great and fantastic city. You will not believe how beautiful and SAFE the city is! Please go see Kiev Information.

Money? Bring dollars for your initial expenses, them use your Bank Teller card to get your daily expense funds. You can bring travelers checks as a back up. Please go see Money in Ukraine.

You don't have to be rich, handsome, famous or lucky to have a beautiful, devoted wife. Simply become a member of Kiev Connections and take the first step to realizing the dream life of every man.

How do I contact these women? Please click here for details.

If you have any further questions please e-mail us at any time. We really would like to help you get married and are always happy to answer any question.

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