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Date of birth: 10-Feb-1986
Age: 31
Height: 177cm - 5'10''
Weight: 60kg - 132 lbs
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brunette
Build body: slender
Education: 2 degrees
Profession: Financier, producer
Smokes: No
Zodiac: Aquarius
Marital status: single
English: Fluent language ability, no translations needed.
German: Understands basic written text with help of dictionary, needs complex letters translated.
In own words: I am sensual, tender and have a good nature with well-developed intuition. But at the same time I have great strength of will and spirit. My life values are compassion, honor and dignity. I am a person of mood, as a real lady. I am ready to give all of me if something really appeals to me. If I really want something, there is no barrier. I am an all-around intellectually developed person. When I was a child I attended all possible classes and as I grew up I continue to discover the world and try everything new. I visited 16 countries and I hope to continue with my husband. I love beauty and I believe that you need to live to the fullest. My activity is a film-maker. I shoot advertising and movies. I also deal with real estate. Among other things – I am a model, an artist, a housewife, a daughter, a sister and I hope soon to be a wife and mother. I lead a healthy lifestyle and take piano lessons.
Seeks Partner: He loves me) He is a man of spirit, stout of heart, strong-willed, purposeful, knows what he wants, powerful, sensitive, gentle soul, tender, kind and understanding to me, has to know, feel and predict me to support, protect, guide, suggest, prevent or hold in leash. He is conscious, intelligent, comprehensively competent, faithful and temperamental in bed. He is my number one. How I see life with my man – we will support each other in all. There is no me or you, only we. Build our life together, have a deal who does what at relations. Feel each other. Live together in a big house near the sea side with three children, two dogs and one black cat. Sometimes we can change countries. Travel together to places we had never been, do together crazy things like keep a head in a crocodile’s jaw or just stay all the vacation in a bed enjoying each other.
Seeks Partner: 28 - 60 years old
Her location: Kiev, Ukraine

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