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If I understand it correctly it is $12.00 for a letter to the lady and $12.00 for the ladies return letter for a total of $24.00. Is that correct? Yes, that is correct and includes the translation and photos. The charge is not different if translation or photos are not included.


I am not sure I understand why there is not a difference for translation or not translation. Please explain? What you are really paying for is a service. The service is correspondence with a REAL lady who is actually writing the letters and is REALLY interested in getting married. The major cost to us is acquiring ladies who are genuinely interested in marring a western man.


I have read that it usually takes 2 days or so to get a reply but I have been waiting several days? In most cases letters are replied in 2 or 3 days, while some may come back the same day. But, ladies are busy like men are. Some may simply not be available at the time, such as out of town, it may be a holiday weekend, the lady may be ill, or any of several reasons. That being said, we realize that you would like your reply letter as soon as possible and we will do everything possible to facilitate a quick return.


The lady decided to not write me. Why would that be? Of course every lady is not going to see you as their future husband and some will decide not to correspond with you. We do have around 900 ladies that are seriously looking for a husband and we are getting many men married. If you have patience, write good letters, and send good photos, I know we can change your life forever.


What should I write in my letters?  That is a great question. Of course you should include the basic information: height weight, age, job where you live etc. But, what is VERY important is a letter from the heart and make that letter happy and upbeat. Life in the Ukraine is not that happy and ladies are looking for a man who will appreciate them but at the same time help share their life in an enjoyable manner. These ladies can change your life forever and you can change hers. It is a win, win situation where everyone gets a happy life!


Why would I need good photos? The old saying is: “one photo is worth a thousand words.” Just like the first thing that struck you was the ladies good photo. The lady is going to see yours. You should not judge a book by its cover but before you get to know each other the first impression is going to be made by your photo and you do not get a second chance to make a first impression!


If you do not have any good photos buy or borrow a digital camera and have a friend spend one hour taking many photos of you. Send us two or three good ones. In this digital age it is very easy. A photo of you in a nice appearance is a must. Photos in a torn T-shirt, with a burger in your hand are NOT good photos. Either is one of you and your old girlfriend where you have cut out her ½ of the photo! Naked or shirtless photos are initially too much also.


The lady I was corresponding with stopped corresponding. What is up with that? Ladies stop believing. The vast majorities of men write letters and never come and meet the ladies. Women get their hopes up and then destroyed. I highly suggest as you correspond to make a time frame where you are coming to Kiev. This will give concrete reality and hope to the lady.


That is why occasionally you will get a note that the lady is very interested in meeting you but does not want to correspond. She has been mislead too many times and is VERY interested in finding a foreign husband but does not want to get heart again.


What if I write a letter to a lady and she is unavailable? To the best of our knowledge all of the ladies are currently available but you must understand this is a very fluid situation and things can change at the moment.  If you write a letter to a lady and she has become unavailable there will of course not be a charge to you for your sent letter.


If I were to write a letter and include my email address, would that information be passed on to her accurately so that she may continue correspondence with me in whatever manner she chooses? Also, if any of the ladies speak English well, will my letter be sent to them in its original English and not translated?  

We do not edit or filter any of the content of your letter.  So, if you include any of your personal contact information that will be delivered to the lady.  But, you must understand that most ladies in the Ukraine do not have access to Internet or a computer.  Internet Service here is much more expensive than it is in the west and so are computers.  Consequently, many of the ladies will be unable to correspond with you through direct communication.  As well as, many of the ladies do not feel secure in giving you their personal contact information. You would be surprised at the number of inappropriate men they are out there. 

That being said, after building a relationship there are many ladies with our agency that are independently corresponding with men after they have established a relationship. 

If the ladies speak fluent English we do not translate your letter that we deliver to her. 


Isn‘t  $12.00 for a letter expensive?  No, it is actually not expensive. As stated above what you are really paying for is a service with a real woman who really wants to find a foreign husband. Most marriage agencies post beautiful false profiles and write the letters pretending to be that lady. Soon, you will get fantastic letters where she is falling in love with you. After that you will receive letters where she has financial problems and will ask for money.  

We have real ladies who really are writing the letters. There is a huge difference!

Lastly, compared to other major marriage agencies we are the same price or dramatically less. The largest network of marriage agencies charges 15 Euros or $24.00 for a letter, translation and one photo. We charge ½ that price and you will actually be corresponding with real ladies who will really write the letters.


If you have other questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail us now or any time as you move forward. We are always glad to help in any way possible.


Brett Ousley

Owner American Kiev Connections





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