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 I have purchased your MatchMaker service. What do I do now?

Please e-mail us a list of 10 or more ladies you would like to meet from our Kiev Ladies. We will contact each lady and show her your profile and picture. We will continue until we have 5 ladies that are seriously interested in you. These five ladies will be schedule for you when you arrive. This service will jump start you visit to Kiev. You will hit the streets running and will not waste valuable time. 

I suggest three or more photos. One close up, one full body and one or more showing something about your life. Photos such as by your house, with pets or family, or doing some sport or other activity you are interested in are great photos.  

If you have not already please send us a small letter. We need your general biographical information. Send us your height, weight, hair color, eye color, marital status, number of children, where you live, your job, hobbies and interests, etc. A paragraph about yourself as well as a paragraph about what you are looking for will be great.  

Please e-mail us your general information and photos to  

Tanya will be your MatchMaker. She will keep you informed as things progress. If you would like to e-mail her directly or you can call her at 380-44-229-3079.


Will there be an additional cost to meet the ladies?

Tanya our matchmaker, will work with you directly during the entire process.  she will keep you informed as she consults ladies and will let you know how things are progressing.  As Tanya consults with each lady some will see you as their potential future husband while others will not.  Tanya will let you know which ladies see you as their potential future husband and would like to meet you in Kiev.  As soon as you know your exact date of arrival and departure she will schedule the ladies to meet you.  Introductions to the ladies will take place in our office and there is not an additional charge for this introduction.  It is part of our matchmaker program.


The meetings will take place in your office?

We have an office conveniently located next to the main square in the absolute center of Kiev.  All introductions are done at or office.  Since we are located next to the main square there are many fantastic places to see, cafés, restaurants and other romantic venues within a short few minutes walk of our office.


What if I meet the 5 ladies in the MatchMaker program and I do not click with any of the 5 ladies. Can you arrange additional meetings?

Almost all men who have realistic expectations and have used our matchmaking service have found someone that they are seriously interested in.  But, occasionally our clients after meeting the five ladies do not feel there is enough personal chemistry with any of the ladies.  If that happens we will be happy to arrange additional meetings for you after you're here in Kiev.  There will be an additional charge for that service.


Can you arrange to meet more than five ladies in advance through the matchmaker service?

Love and romance is very personal.  This is not The Ford auto production plant.  It is better to meet ladies that you have been matched to you in advance and are highly interested in you before you come to Kiev.  Your time here will be very valuable and will go by very quickly.  It is best to have everything arranged in advance.  That is one of the great advantages our matchmaker service.  We suggest that you concentrate on high-quality women that are matched to you and not quantity.  But, if you would like us to arrange to meet more than five ladies through the matchmaker service we will be happy to help you. Please write us for the cost of being matched to additional ladies. Because our matchmaker service is a process if you choose to meet less than the suggested five ladies there will be the same charge.


The lady that I am highly interested in has an age limit that is below my age.  Should I exclude her and not put her on my matchmaker lest?

One of the great benefits of our matchmaker service is that ladies will see your photos and your information and judge you as an individual and not as a number.  Consequently, if there is a lady that you would like to meet but she has her age limit below your age, you really have nothing to lose.  Our matchmaker will show your photos and your information to the lady and she will judge you as an individual.  If she does not see you as a potential future husband we simply will not arrange her to meet you when you are in Kiev. But, many of the ladies after seeing your photos and information will decide  to meet you and take a chance.  We have gotten many marriages that way.


What happens if I send you my list of ladies and you do not get five ladies that are interested in meeting meet from my list.

If for some reason we cannot arrange five ladies to meet you from the original list you make, we will ask you to send us a list of additional ladies. 


How long in advanced you suggest I purchase your matchmaker service? 

When it comes to love and marriage there is no exact demarcation or time period and we will be happy to work with whatever time frame you have.  Many men contact us at the last minute and we have to do a rush matchmaker service for them. While others prefer to be matched with the ladies and then correspond with the ladies through our letter forwarding service to further build their relationships before they come to Kiev.

Most men sign up for our matchmaker service 1 to 4 months before they arrive in Kiev.  But we can do a rush service and two weeks or you could correspond and build the relationship over a period as long as the year.  What I do suggest though is that you pick the arrival date, inform the ladies issue could know what to expect and plan accordingly.


How many days do I need to stay in Kiev?

Again, we will be happy to work with you with whatever time frame you have.  Many men have only four days to spending Kiev and we’re glad to help them with those few days they have here.  Many men come for seven days while the average is probably around ten days.  If you can make it two weeks that would be much better!  Your life here will be like a VCR on fast forward and time will go by much quicker than you think.  As well as, after a long plane flight and jet-lag it may take you three or four days before you have reoriented yourself.


How long does a meeting last? 

I suggest keeping all initial meeting short or initially planned it that way.  Since this is effectively a blind date and is with a person you have never met, you do not know what type of chemistry you will have.  The chances are extremely high that you will not marry this lady.  Consequently, I suggest men plan on going to a local café and having coffee and a cake.  There are many cafes near our office and your expense should be less than $20.00.  If you do not have chemistry with the lady after 1 hour or so you can simply excuse yourself and leave.  But, if you really enjoying each other’s company and you both have time, you can simply suggest that you are hungrier than you thought and go have dinner or go for a walk. This is how many marriages have started.  Your meeting will be like any blind date you have ever had in your life but both parties are highly interested in getting married and are there to meet each other to see if you have chemistry.  You have been matched, you like each other on paper, and this is the meeting to see if you click.


Can you choose someone for me? 

Everyone has very different tastes and everyone likes things differently.  Consequently, there’s no way we can determine which lady is appropriate for you and your personal tastes.  You know your likes and dislikes much better than we do, so is much better if you choose the ladies, then come to Kiev and meet them to see if you have any personal chemistry.


Are good photos important?

If you look at the photos on our web site you will see very nice photos of all the ladies.  Even a very beautiful lady with poor photos will not be chosen.  We highly suggest you send us very nice photos of yourself.  If you do not have any good photos of yourself, I highly suggest you purchase an inexpensive digital camera and spend about two hours with a friend taking photos of yourself.  Please take about 100 photos of yourself and choose the best two or three photos and e-mail them to us.  That can easily be done with a little expense and a little time, energy, and effort.  This is a very serious endeavor in finding a wife and it will change your life.  Please put a little extra effort into photos and information.

We have been extremely successful with our matchmaker service and I highly suggest you take advantage of it.  You will not be filling out any forms online but will be directly helped by Veronika our matchmaker, a real live human being with feelings and emotions that will be doing everything possible to make sure that your trip to Kiev is a success and results in you getting married.  You will find that she is a very kind and understanding, and will be glad to help you at any stage during this process.


Can I divide my matchmaker service into two separate trips to meet the ladies? No, our matchmaker service is a service for serious men and is to be used in one trip. I suggest you plan on meeting the 5 ladies and arrange time accordingly.


If I decide to not come to Kiev can I get a refund?

Our matchmaker service is a program and after we receive your information and start working for you we cannot issue you a refund. We will be happy to see you anytime in the future. We will re-schedule the ladies to meet you in your future visit. If so much time has gone by that we cannot schedule the same ladies we will ask you to choose new ladies. If you chose new ladies there will be a re-scheduling fee.


If you have any individual questions please fill free to e-mail Veronika or me, the American owner Brett, at any time.


Brett Ousley - American Owner-Manager

Kiev Connections


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