Tour in Kiev. Ukrainian Tour. Kiev Ukraine Tour. Marriage agency Tour. Kiev Connections, Russian Woman, Women Marriage Agency in Kiev Ukraine will be glad to help you with your tour in Kiev Ukraine. We offer a much better solution than the traditional tour to meet Russian women in Kiev Ukraine. Do not buy a traditional Tour when you can let us help you and have a much more effective tour than the traditional marriage agency tour system. Tour Kiev.

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Kiev Tour? We really want to get you married. Most agencies will tell you it is easy to find a wife in the Former Soviet Union with writing a few letters if you only buy their addresses. The truth is, it is not easy; but if you work at it, in one year, your life will change your life forever.  

We suggest a system that will be the most effective, cost efficient, system for you to establish a relationship and then marry a true and fantastic wife.  

You will first need to establish communication with many of the women in Kiev. You can do this through our letter forwarding service or let us directly help you with our MatchMaking service. After that you will need to establish a relationship with several women through letters, e-mail and the telephone. Now you will need to travel to Kiev and meet these women. Since all of your choices were in Kiev you can now meet several women conveniently in one city. We have a full range of services and will help you with apartments, introductions, translations, and a wide host of services.

So where is the tour? There is no tour! We can help you get married without the rip off tour!. Most Marriage agencies solicit you to come to the Former Soviet Union on one of their extremely overpriced tours and meet the same bar flies in one of their meat packet tours.

Large marriage agency socials.  I am sure you have read about all of the socials to major Ukrainian and Russian cities by large international marriage agencies.  They tout these socials as being the greatest thing on earth. “Hundreds of women waiting to meet a few men” and “you will have literally hundreds to choose from.”

Please really think about it.  What type of ladies would actually show up to such a meat market as this?  There are actually two types of ladies that will go to a large marriage agency socials.  The first types are ladies who are looking to party with their friends for free and the second type are ladies were are looking to find foreign men to take advantage of.

The first type, are ladies that hear that there are socials in town every month and realize that they can go and party with their friends for free.  Can you imagine free food and free booze and all they have to do are occasionally put up with foreign man who wants to have on them? They may even joke and laugh about you amongst themselves while you are at the table!

The second type of lady is far more ominous.  These ladies are looking for the sucker and that sucker maybe you!  These ladies don’t really care what you look like but are there to scam you.  They flirt with you and then you get to take them out to very expensive bars and restaurants they could never afford to go to and then they will take you on a shopping spree.  I see these ladies walking through the expensive shops here in Kiev with men just like you trailing several steps behind the lady carrying many bags of recently made purchases.  Hopefully also, after you go home the lady will talk you into sending her a few hundred dollars every month.  If this lady has several boyfriends sending her several hundred dollars every month she’s living life quite large at your expense!

Don’t be scammed by these large marriage agency socials.  We don’t have any socials!  What we have are services that are very likely to help you get married and are at a fraction of the cost!  We do really have a good chance of getting you married. Would you rather meet wonderful ladies who are sincerely interested in you? Or would you rather have a girl take you out too expensive restaurants, then on a shopping spree at your expense and not care anything about you?

If you are serious we can help you and for much less! Cost of our combined services of MatchMaker and Letter Forwarding services is less than $600.00 and we can get you an apartment for starting around $80.00 per day. So a 10 day visit will be only around $1,400.00 of course you will need to add airfare and a visa but that should be less than $1,000.00 from the US. So, you are looking at less that $2,400.00!!!!!!

Most tours are $3,500.00 to $4,500.00. You will save over $2,000.00 and be using a REAL service. You will also have corresponded with the women, build a relationship before you arrive, and have all of your choices scheduled and arranged to meet you as soon as you get here. A much better system at 1/2 the price!

If you have any questions please e-mail us at


Please click here to read about our MatchMaker service.



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